Monday, October 24, 2011

Togiak Lake

Because of my boat ride up the west coast, I arrived at the lodge several days before the rest of the staff was arriving. I took advantage of the time to launch one of the boats and motor it 60 miles upriver to the start of the Togiak River. Its a near 20 mile long lake thats appropriatly named; Togiak. The lake sits in an impressive mountain range.

I camped out the first night at the mouth of the river. Awesome views, but it was a cold nights sleep. I didn't take into account the ground being frozen this time of year. With no insulation pad, it was hard to stay warm. After the first night I stayed in a vacant cabin built by the fisheries department. It was downriver about a quarter of a mile. Much warmer, but not as nice as looking out from the tent at the lake.
The salmon smolt migrate downstream in huge numbers early in the spring. Arctic char hang out at the choke points right before the river and feast. Arctic terns and seagulls dive from above. A streamer or a small spoon will produce lots of fish. They are bullish fighters on the rod.

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