Monday, June 21, 2010


Made a trip to the Bahamas last June with my friends Paul and Ryan. We rented a place on Aklins Island. It's a seventy mile long island with about four hundred people on it, and a lot of stupid bonefish. Well maybe not stupid, but relatively unmolested.

The Bahamas had record setting heat for this time of year (already the hot season), so that sapped my energy for wading the flats all day. We also got stuck on a small island in the middle of the flats with lightning all around us for a couple hours. It was all well and fine until it struck within a hundred feet of us. That was sobering.
Pauly with a hookup.

We caught a few Barracuda on flies as well. Ryans got a jumper on above. I'm guiding my fish away from a 12 foot shark below.